Dr Nigel Stafford

Dr Nigel Stafford (Chiropractor) graduated from RMIT University in 2001 with a double degree in Chiropractic Science and Clinical Science. Prior to this, he completed a degree in Sports Science at UNSW. An interest in health, wellbeing and the pursuit of optimal performance set him on his chiropractic journey.


Since graduating, Nigel has worked extensively as a locum across the country, discovering different chiropractic techniques and hearing many wonderful stories about chiropractic and how it has helped people achieve better health.

Nigel has also worked at Macquarie University as a tutor in chiropractic spinal adjusting. Since 2009, his sole chiropractic role has been at Katoomba Chiropractic Centre.

Nigel enjoys working with people to assist them in their quest for optimal health, wellbeing and high performance. He has adjusted people through all stages of life—babies to nonagenarians.

Unfortunately a lot of people come to chiropractic as a last resort—in many instances after years of pain and suffering—but to see the joie de vie return to someone’s face after spinal health has been restored is a special moment for patient and practitioner. And that it was completed without drugs or surgery provides a great example of the power of restoration that lies within the body.
— Dr Nigel Stafford (Chiropractor)

How we work

After a thorough discussion of any issues you may be seeking care for, we will conduct an examination to determine any areas that need attention. From that, we will develop a plan to get you headed in the right direction. The most common therapeutic approaches we use are chiropractic adjustments, which aim to restore optimal movement to spinal joints. We also prescribe exercise to assist improvements in your strength, mobility and posture.

We use a range of techniques matched to your needs. Firmer adjustments are perfect for some people, while lower-force adjustments are better suited to others. Adjustments can be done by hand, using hand-held instruments or with special adjusting tables.